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Our Journey

The Management of ALAF believes that we already have a head start in terms of technology, and a proficient team who are also the practitioners in the field of technology & engineering in Malaysia. In addition to the right formation, ALAF reflects a positive adoption trend especially the opportunity to develop local capabilities and businesses for the government markets that demand for a more competitive and less dependability on foreign OEMs.

Our local capability and engineering team yields rich knowledge representation where any user can enjoy the high technology and product quality, which can be used efficiently without remunerating a hefty price. With the availability of our local and indigenous products & solutions, the end client shall have a worry-free sentiment, when it comes to the local support and future

At ALAF, we believe in building the capability platforms together with its human resources in house. More importantly, our compelling driving factors of strategic alliance/partnership/venture with require knowledge and understanding of the technology and business we are conducting.

Inevitably, ALAF shall be the relevant technical resources to accept the technology, building up a company to be the company for seed funding and to build a business environment within the industry.

Reach For The Skies

ALAF aims to be an established regional air mobility company in ASEAN by 2030 while staying parallel with the regional economic development in line with global modernization.

Smart Partnership

ALAF recognizes the level of ambition required to deliver our products and services. Key success factors include industrial collaborations programs with local and international organizations, exposing our local resources with valuable technologies and supply chain opportunities.