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DOOSAN’s DS30 and DS30W were used using 350 bar of hydrogen and achieved 100 minutes and 80 minutes of flight time respectively. FLIR Vue Pro R was used as payload for piloting the UAV system. Maximum range was 10km.

Mobile Control Station

Our locally developed Mobile Control Station was used for mission planning, briefing and datalink communication. Operation setup time was cut down to 10 minutes using the Mobile Control Station compared to normal setup without it which was 45 minutes. The station consist of foldable bench, foldable table, swing-armed monitor, cable extension, power station with solar panels, and telescopic mast for the antenna.

Portable Hydrogen Refuelling Station

The setup consists of a booster pump, cooling system, hydrogen supply tanks and drone’s hydrogen tank. When ice-cooled, the system can refill the 10.8L 350 bar hydrogen tank in just about 17 minutes. The system will be improved to further reduce the refuelling time.

Reach For The Skies

ALAF aims to be an established regional air mobility company in ASEAN by 2030 while staying parallel with the regional economic development in line with global modernization.

Smart Partnership

ALAF recognizes the level of ambition required to deliver our products and services. Key success factors include industrial collaborations programs with local and international organizations, exposing our local resources with valuable technologies and supply chain opportunities.