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The Company

As a company, we are ready to take up the challenge in building a solid business in new areas, although we are re-branding ALAF Group of companies. We believe in our historical abilities to turn around an existing business by bringing a true value to the plate. ALAF is a the company of choice, a champion in the making and envisaged to be the company to go regional by 2030. With a solid financing, hard work and a little luck, we aspire to set the company in the best position to excel in the areas of high technology and innovative services.

ALAF aspires to be the local industrial-lead company in technology, intellectual property and proprietary products & solutions based business. With over 30 years of joint experience in defence industry, flight chartering, information technology and media, our primary focus areas are the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), data acquisition services, Hydrogen (H2) technical testing, satellite communications and IT systems.

ALAF has extensive experience harnessing the latest technologies, testing & commissioning, and manufacturing techniques to create a high-performance UAS solutions and H2 testing and capability development. We also expect to see an influx of mega international companies, strategic delivery partners, and multi-national corporations at our door steps, looking for partnership opportunities and working on transfer of technology methods to ensure that ALAF is ready for the business surge in the technology & social impact industry.

Reach For The Skies

ALAF aims to be an established regional air mobility company in ASEAN by 2030 while staying parallel with the regional economic development in line with global modernization.

Smart Partnership

ALAF recognizes the level of ambition required to deliver our products and services. Key success factors include industrial collaborations programs with local and international organizations, exposing our local resources with valuable technologies and supply chain opportunities.